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Travel with peace of mind

Young, old, high energy, or low, we take a much more personal approach to dog care than a traditional kennel, and we offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

Whether boarding them at our home or having us come to yours, your doggo is sure to be well taken care of while you're away. We go on lots of walks, maintain the routines they're used to, and give them oh so much love and attention!

Pamper Your Pet

Bed & Barkfest CBD Oil
$ 45.00 USD

Destructive behavior, shaking, excessive pacing or panting, and uncontrollable barking are all warning signs that our doggos are struggling with anxiety. Whether it's separation, loud noises, or going to new places that’s setting off our pets, CBD oil is an amazing option to help your dog overcome anxiety!

$ 30.00 USD

A fun and healthy treat to help celebrate your dog! Hearts ~n~ bones uses natural healthy ingredients to help spoil your pampered pet.

Short sleeve tee shirt
$ 35.00 USD

We're thrilled to be teaming with Dog Mom and owner of Chelsea's Chill Creations- to bring you your new favorite tees. The combination of everyone getting COVID puppies and being stuck at home = never ending fur baths for their humans. It's time to own the fact that dog fur is here to stay. Thanks quarintine for making this, the year of the dog Mom.

We Let The Dogs Out

Who let's your dogs out? Let Bed and BARKfest show you why we are making pet owner's short list. Finding people you trust with your pets is stressful.  Let us make it easy!

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