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Travel with peace of mind

Young, old, high energy, or low, we take a much more personal approach to dog care than a traditional kennel, and we offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

Whether boarding them in one of our residential homes, or having our trusted team of pet sitters come to yours, your doggo is sure to be well taken care of while you're away. We go on lots of walks, maintain the routines they're used to, and give them oh so much love and attention!

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Pamper Your Pet

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Introducing our Rechargeable Hand Warmer – the perfect pocket companion for Dog Moms braving winter walks! This little device ensures cozy warmth for your hands in chilly weather- fits right in your pocket. It's not only a handwarmer but also a versatile power bank for your phone if you're out of battery while you're out walking. This dog Mom must have provides warmth and helps you stay connected on those frosty strolls your dog loves! Be sure to buy two if you want one for each pocket!

Every dog needs something different

Who lets your dogs out? Let Bed and BARKfest show you why we are making pet owner's short list.

From our boutique boarding, to house sitters coming to you we believe every dog is an individual. We match you with the right house and sitters for your dogs needs. Professional sitters, pups are never without people for more than four hours, get walks, outdoor time, personalized attention and more- this is your dogs very own vacation!

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