Package Guide


2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 Hours

Make your wedding day unFURgettable

These package estimates are priced for one pet, pricing will increase for additional pets and travel. Each wedding day itinerary is curated specifically to best fit the needs of the Humans and Dogs involved in your celebration.

Please keep travel time in mind when thinking about a package. We recommend pet pick up to be a hour or more before ceremony to ensure they are 100% comfortable in a new location and have the opportunity to sniff out and familiarize themselves. High energy dogs should be walked and exercised based on their needs. Dogs who may be nervous of crowds can opt for packages that include practicing socialization prior to wedding week with handlers.

Whichever package you're looking for it includes a meet and greet ahead of time to help us learn about your fur baby and create a plan that works best for you, your big day and your doggos!

Want To Personalize Your Package Even More?



Rehearsal Pet Care

Wedding rehearsals are a great way for us to get to know your dog before their time to shine down the aisle.

Ask for prices for multiple dogs: varies on age and training.

$50 for additional hour

Additional travel fee for us to transport to and from

Engagement and photoshoots

Don't miss out on your favorite four legged flower girl or furry best man being a part of your photoshoots.

2 Hours on Location: $300

Additional Hourly Rate: $50