Meet The Sitters: Heather

Erin Schnute

Learn about how we higher and our very own Heather from our Lake Orion house.

Hey there, Bed and BARKfest family!

You've asked, and we're thrilled to share the inside scoop on how we pick our incredible pet sitters. It all boils down to one word: VALUES. Our Bed and BARKfest method is a symphony of trust, values, and care-giving, and it all starts with the incredible individuals who make up our team.

Let me spill the beans on why we stand out in the doggy care game. My personal journey began in childcare, clocking over 10 years of professional nannying. Those years honed the skills that now make me caregiver I am today- and working with kiddo's and their families easily translated to dog care by learning what parents, like you, really need and want. When we scout for sitters, we kick off the search with a hunt for trustworthy caregivers. Sure, everyone loves dogs, and yes, they will or have taken classes with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. But at the core, we're looking for something more — that intrinsic trust, the caregiving knack, and a willingness to go above and beyond. That's the best jumping off point!

We are committed to quality, and want you to know that when you choose Bed and BARKfest, you're choosing the BEST for your furry family member.

Now, let me introduce you to one gem of a pet sitter – Heather S, our Lake Orion House Sitter. Apart from her genuine love for dogs, Heather is a superhero in her own right. A mother of four, she adopted all her daughters through the foster system. She's also a compassionate caregiver to adults with special needs and a beloved member of the Lake Orion School board. A social justice warrior with the warmest heart, and a cheerful smile!

Meet Sonny, Heather's playful doggy companion. This aussiedoodle boy is a match made in heaven for those pups who appreciate a gentle spirit and a good game of fetch.

And here's another bonus– two of Heather's daughters, aged 11 and 14, still live at home and absolutely adore helping your dogs feel right at home. A house full of love, leadership and attention for every guest.

Ready to join our pack? Hit that BARK NOW button! And if Heather's Lake Orion home feels like the perfect fit for you and your dogs, don't forget to drop her name in the intake form notes. Trust us; your furbaby will thank you!

Know that when you choose Bed and BARKfest we don't take that lightly; for us it's a commitment to providing your dog with the absolute best. We can't wait to welcome you into our pack!

Warm woofs,


Owner and Founder

Bed and BARKfest