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Shannon Kholer

We are so grateful to all of our clients for our exponential growth- our goal is to continue to be your go to and help serve more dog families throughout Oakland County. Your testimonials and reviews help SO MUCH. Check this blog post out if you have writers block! Link to review at the top!

The Bed & Barkfest 

*We let the dogs out *

Hello dear client! Thank you so much for taking the time let others know about our doggy business! We love taking care of your pets and we want other people to have the same peace-of-mind when they leave town (or just need to take a break as well so thanks for spreading the word! We came up with some questions to help you write so you aren’t just staring at a blank page, trying to remember what you were even trying to write about! (just me? ok)

Read through if you need ideas, and then head HERE to send us a testimonial! 

Tell us about your pup!

Are they cuddly? Playful? Active or a couch potato? Have they never met a stranger or do they eschew all humans but their own? Do they love the company of other animals or are they content to keep to themselves?

What did you do before you found the Bed & Barkest?

Finding a good petsitter can be harder than getting a babysitter because, lets be honest, dogs don’t have quite the command of the English language that one would hope for. What was your dog like before and after visiting one of our homes? Were they calm and tired out from camp? Happy to see you but not stressed out like they usually are when you are gone? Potentially did not want to leave the Bed & Barkfest and go home with you? 🙂

What makes the Bed & Barfest stand out from other pet services you’ve used in the past?

Not to toot our own horn but could it be the:

-Daily updates (PUP-dates, if you will) sent to your phone

-Knowing your dog is getting a daily walk, play, and cuddle?

-The petsitters that work for us (or are us, depending) and their calming vibes?

-Knowing that your pup is hanging out in a house with a family instead of just being led out to the yard for their 15 minutes of sunlight every day? (too much?)

How was your experience working with us during the pandemic and beyond? Is this the main reason you recommend us?

“I can live for two months off a good compliment.” - Mark Twain

Was it cool to have someone to play with the pups while you actually got some work done for once? (we have ALL been there!) 

Was there a moment or experience that really stood out to you? Spill the tea!

Is there anything we can do differently that would improve your experience?

If you’re thinking, “Include pet hair remover kits in their going home bags/doggie olympics/24-hour snackbar/actually moving into your house and walking your dog (and potentially children) full-time.” just know that we are also thinking about that.